About Litwick's Candles


Litwick’s is a small, Oakland based producer of handmade, all-natural soy candles and other household goods.  My girlfriend and I have always burned candles in our home. However, we often found ourselves looking for a variety of fragrances we couldn't find.  We ordered over 120 essential oils and began creating our innovative blends of sophisticated and warm scents that we couldn’t find anywhere else.  We started this company to share our love of these high-quality scented candles with the community.

At Litwick’s, we know people buy candles to de-stress, relax, and feel at home.  Part of our commitment to our customers is to help them find positivity in their lives. Our focus on our customers is why we strive to use only the highest quality ingredients, innovative production process, and sustainable suppliers that create a positive impact on the world.  We encourage customers to reach out to us if our products are not above and beyond their expectations and we promise to make it right.

- Kyle